The era of cryptocurrency and trading opened the world to new ways of making the most out of what they have, in respect to money. Cryptocurrency became the new deal when it comes to investment, online trading and transactions. Btcfarm is a well established, equipped and genuinely licensed cryptocurrency mining investment platform that has her base in London. We are one of the foremost to enter a contract with blockchain network since November 15th 2016 to mine bitcoin with assigned designated severs and highly sophisticated GPUs. Initially, Btcfarm was born to serve the few individuals that participated in making the contract, as time went by, after about 4months of operation with a high success record, external investors began to show interest. It was finally signed and external investors were then welcomed to invest with Btcfarm and earn Return of Investment (ROI) which was then started with 50% of invested amount as ROI after 5days. As more investors came, Btcfarm started expanding and added more investment packages to be able to reach out to all her investors, offering any interested investor from around the globe the chance to invest and earn his/her way up to financial freedom.  

Currently, Btcfarm offers her investors four (4)      investment packages to choose from. Ranging from : The Starter and Silver package which has an investment maturity period of 24 hours, The Gold package which has an hourly investment maturity period, and finally, The Premium package with hourly maturity period. Once an investment is made on our platform, the investor has to wait for the maturity period of the package to elapse before making withdrawal. Investors are entitled to withdraw all or part of their available Btcfarm’s balance (directly to the wallet which was added upon registration) or alternatively, there's also the option to re-invest part of or all of your available balance. Btcfarm is here and here to stay as long as the cryptocurrency stays. We have been working hard and shall keep doing so to deliver the best deals to all our investors from around the world.

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